There is evidence that a degree of confusion still exists about the ways in which financial advisers may be paid and how much this advice costs. This confusion can lead to concern and mistrust that in turn may act as a barrier to some people seeking advice.

It is important therefore that any potential clients understand exactly where they stand if they approach us for advice.

The initial meeting is always held at our expense. There is no pressure to continue the relationship after this initial meeting and sometimes clients get everything they need from this first meeting at no expense to themselves. 

By the end of the first meeting we will both understand whether you need our help and to what extent. This will enable us to provide you with details of what our advice will cost and we will fully explain the payment options. The choice is then yours.

Our clients NEVER pay any fees without first agreeing in writing the amount they will be charged.

Should we carry out chargeable work, we may be paid in three ways:

  • A fixed fee 
  • A percentage of a new investment
  • An hourly rate for our work
  • For protection insurance, including Life Insurance, Income Protection & Critical Illness products - we are paid a commission by the product provider.

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