• Initial Consultation  Your initial meeting will have nothing to do with products or money, it’s all about you, what you’re trying to achieve, your goals and aspirations both now and in the future. This initial meeting will be at our expense and is at no cost to you.
  • Fact Find
    If you feel you can benefit from our service and we believe we can work together, we will focus initially on working with you to fully understand your objectives and develop these into well-defined goals. We will gather financial information from you to build a comprehensive picture of your circumstances. We will discuss risk with you and explain our understanding of risk to you. We will establish how you feel about risk to ensure that any recommendations we make are suitable for you.
  • Research and Analysis
    After discussing your circumstances and objectives at our initial meeting, we will then focus our time on analysing the information gathered and will research the options open to us to help plan the best strategy for you to achieve your goals.
  • Recommendation   
    After considering and analysing the available options we will provide you with a report based on your individual requirements, current position and your objectives. This will clearly outline our recommendations in addition to helping you understand why they meet your needs.
  • Implementation   
    Once you agree that it’s time to put the plan into action you can relax in the knowledge that we will take care of all the necessary steps to turn your plan into reality
  • Reviewing your circumstances & Ongoing Service   
    We know personal and financial circumstances can change therefore part of our approach at Bark Financial is to meet with our clients regularly. The benefit of this is to ensure that whatever has been recommended initially, continues to meet your objectives and if it doesn’t and something needs changing we’ll say so and tell you why. The simple fact is that taxation and legislation are frequently changing and new products become available that may be more suitable. Any changes however would follow financial advice and be to your benefit.

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